What we stand for

In a wide and global transforming business environment, we want to provide means to Executive Talents and hiring leaders to find each other. Blonk is the place where both of them can find their match.
Executive search practices remain very traditional despite a very fast changing business environment.
This gap is often perceived as painful and frustrating for all the parties involved.

What is our ambition?

We are driven by the idea of tearing down walls and making things simple and efficient.
Passionate about people and convinced of the importance of fit in the work context, we have been dreaming of crafting innovative solutions that have a lasting impact in the executive hiring space.
We aim at bringing a business competitive edge to our clients through innovative Executive Search practices.
We aim at bringing to candidates the best approaches and technologies to help them find the right opportunities and engage the right hiring leaders.

Where we come from?

Our core application, created in Silicon Valley, is a mobile-first application that connects directly hiring leaders and top talents preselected by a matching algorithm. We developed a full suite of integrated applications and services to support hiring leaders attract, engage, select and retain the right talents. All our applications and services are also driven to provide the equivalent level of means for the candidates to find, engage, select the people and opportunities which fit their style and ambition.

Why is people matching so essential to recruitment?

We have been inspired by love-matching principles in the design of our processes and applicatons. We believe recruitment is very similar to dating.
It is a matter of matching people within an organisation and like in love matching, recruitment is full of irrational elements and unspoken motivations.
Blonk captures these dimensions to ensure the right match and transform the recruitment experience.
Interestingly, Blonk started as the world’s first tinder for jobs app in California.

Join the Blonk way and Match now with great people and opportunities!

Blonk team